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Natural Hot Springs

Natural Hot Spring is called " Onsen " in Japanese. There are famous 8 major " Onsen " areas in Beppu. Following is the details of the 8 major " Onsen " areas in Beppu city.

Beppu Onsen Area

Including traditional Takegawara Bath (Photo), this area has the largest numbers of public baths. Beppu station is in the centre of this area.

Kannawa Onsen Area

A stone-laid road leads you to a place of many old ryokans ( Japanese inn ). Stream rising from the many onsens gives the feeling of an onsen village, where you can take a sauna bath in a stone structure.

Myoban Onsen Area

The unique thatched huts draw your attention. Yunohana ( Natural bath Salts ) is getherd there.

Shibaseki Onsen Area

Located on the banks of a mountain stream, this area is noted for its waterfall baths in a quiet, beautiful setting.

Kamegawa Onsen Area

This area is a place with ryokan's still reminiscent of the meiji era. Kamegawa seaside sand bath ( photo ) is famous for its unique location.

Kankaiji Onsen Area

Located at 150 meters above sea level, this area commands a panoramatic view of Beppu bay

Hotta Onsen Area

Formerly, this area thrived as a popular resort where people came from miles away. There are two family onsens there that are used by local people.

Hamawaki Onsen Area

This newly developed urban area features a new multipurpose facility, Yutopia hamawaki which has sports facilities, a beauty salon, and of course the relaxation healthful bath.