October 29, 2005: Child care network Oita meeting
We had a child care meeting in Yufuin today. The top of Mt. Yufu was in the cloud.
The site was "Yufuin Hill Plaza." I joined the meeting together with the General leader of Oita GOF Branch.
Large name plate was distributed at the reception.
There was a day-care center. In the kids play ground, many families were taking care of the kids.
The panel exhibition was prepared by Ms. Kumagai who works as a helper to the session members. As a dietitian in her obstetrics and gynecology hospital, she gave good advice to young fathers and mothers.
Beautiful autumnal red color decorated the scene out of the window.
Even cherry trees turned their leaves to red. Autumn was deepening in Yufuin valley.
The session started at last. The theme of our group was "It's time for dads to rear kids, not asking it to your wives."
Fathers' reports were very good.
Fathers exceeded in number today, joining not only local Oita but also from Nagasaki, Okayama, Shikoku Island, and more. The participants held a night meeting exchanging heated discussions.