October 2, 2005: Mother's concert
This is a day-care center hall of Tan-no-haru in Oita City. A concert for mothers was held today here.
Ms. Mika Horiguchi, a member of Oita prefecture opera committee, opened the concert with a solo accompanied by piano of Mr. Hideki Gotoh, a regular member of the concert. They are the main members of Beppu Argerich Music Festival. Both of them were born in Oita.
The kids of the day-care center listen to the music with mothers. Japanese songs, Italian songs, and arias were performed. "Hurry barber" by Hakushu Kitahara was attracted attention of the kids most.
The hall was decorated with much amount of wood that made a gentle atmosphere in the autumnal sunlight.
Mr. Gotho's repertoire was of powerful Chopin.
This new type of concert has taken a firm hold on this community after the fifth concert.
So many mothers enjoyed the concert.
Mr. Ono, a member of Oita dandelion club, introduced a special guest. The pleasant talk and good performance lasted long after nine O'clock.
The sponsors were Mukumoto Dentistry, Sangokushi, and Oita GOF who brought-in blacktea and cakes. .
Kabosu cake and blacktea were distributed to the kids as well.
On-site sale by Oita GOF.

"Concert for Mothers"
Sponsor: Dandelion club (Ono,Nojiri,Mukumoto)
Backed by Mukumoto dentistry, Oita GOF, Sangokushi
report by Nagano