September 9, 2005: Regular meeting
Typhoon #14 left the vast amount of water in Oita area. September regular meeting was postponed from 6th to today. The sky is clear blue color today and Oita river flows quietly as before with swollen up water level.
Our GOF house shines in the morning sun light. It was very lucky that we have had no damage by the typhoon.
Early autumn flowers decorate the house.
The second school term has started as well. We have to work hard for many items like general meeting, family budget study class, and friendship sales.
We will have a disaster drill day this month. When typhoon # 14 approached this area, some families actually took refuge with a knapsack on their back. This experience had a strong appeal to us.
Kyushu Block meeting is approaching at hand. We have decided local groups who prepare cookies to be sold at the meeting. In the afternoon,we had a short meeting for the preparation of the block meeting.
Sakanoichi branch was in charge of today's lunch preparation.
Fresh grapes were presented from a member who left Oita GOF. Pears were also presented from a farmer member. We enjoyed good dessert today.
Pears were sold at the regular sales after the meeting.
We will start the preparation in a large scale for the block meeting from next week.
Oita GOF
reported by Nagano