June 24, 2005: Snack study class
The actual works of 2005 fiscal year was assigned to our Oita GOF branch in Kyushu area. Today, we tried to make "baked snack." for coming Kyushu Block Meeting.
The first step was to bring-in various cookies and checked each other.
Japanese cookie section displayed nut bun with a bean-jam filling and milk bun which were prepared in the other day's "Food research meeting." Another item was "Black bar" by Wasada group.
Western cookie section offered pound cake, lemon cake by Munakata group and rum cake by Sakanoichi group.
All the attendants were eager to create good cookies and cakes.
Japanese cakes were checked their jam filling status by cutting the cake half. Each of them was tested. In the group leader meeting, the final items will be decided.