May 23, 2005: Out going mayor
"Mayor Town Meeting started in June 2003. The first site of the second turn was our Oita GOF house.
Mr. Kugimiya, the mayor of Oita city, visited us today with seven members.
Mayor Kugimina knows well about our GOF.
We introduced our GOF in detail including the history.
Oita city will make importance of the rearing kids, the officers said.
Oita city promotes The cleanest town making campaign and our GOF is one of the members of it. We talked much about the clean environment with the mayor.
We also appealed our activities.
Homemade cookies and black tea are the part of our products.
Some young GOF members appealed about school site problems and senior members talked about one-coin bus service.
The heated discussion finds no end.

It was very good to have a chance to talk with the mayor directly.
Thank you mayor for your precious time, see you again.
Attendant: GOF 17
Picture by Goto
Report by Nagano