October 14, 2004: Food study class
On a regular food study class, we brought-in today "carrot cakes" prepared by each member based on the same recipe
Each cake was weighed carefully before tasting.
Even a simple same recipe results in various kind of taste and flavor. We asked each other how the cake was prepared.
We then learn from the basis of cooking starting from how to foam egg white. We will try to make the cake today.
Ms. Nagano, who usually make carrot cake, demonstrated first in a way called "Separate."
Ground carrot is added into the flour and mixed well before pouring into the mold.
We then tried in another way called "Together." The dough swelled well in Separate method as we had expected. (Two cakes on the left were made in Separate way.
Next study course is making Conconbur by the teaching of Kawano who make it regularly.
The kneaded dough is divided into pieces.
Each piece weighs 15 grams.
The piece is then rolled out carefully.
It will be adjusted to the size of baking pan. Both ends should be the same diameter as the center part.
Baking in the oven.
Here it comes out beautifully.
We then tasted carrot cake and Conconbur and talked the impression. Today's experience will be the standard of our Group Of Friends' recipe. We confirmed that careful making will bring us good taste. We have learned much today.
Food study of Oita GOF
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Hymn #504
Today's theme: Carrot cake and Conconbur
Attendant: nine

picture and record by:Nagano