September 10, 2004: Working season has come
The regular meeting of September was postponed three days because of the typhoon No. 18. Mitsushiki Group is in charge of lunch today.
Flowers were arranged by Munakata Group.
Regular sales is open on the second floor. A nearby pear farmer brought in abundant product for sale.
A seasonal change of clothing from summer to winter.
The regular meeting has started with the organ play of hymn #90 by Takahashi.
The reading was taken from the book of Motoko Hani, the Founder. The general leader expressed the reading impression. Munakata group reported about the working schedule.
A family budget study class will be held soon. The leader showed zeal for it. Four members reported about the impression of keeping accounts.
Zaitsu reported about the summer meeting of Kyushu kids' group.
Oita Group of Friends cerebrated its 70th anniversary last year and is preparing for the publishing of the commemorative issue. Nishinaka reported about it.
Craft products in the summer vacation are on display.
Chicken curry for lunch.
The menu is chicken curry, instant pickles, and coffee jerry.
September meetingOn duty: Munakata Group
Record by Nyuu

Theme: "Working season"
Hymn #90
Reading: "Warm heart" from Motoko Hani books.
Impression: General leader, Munakata Group
Theme "For the working season"
Family Budget Study Class preparation reprots
Friendly sales
Kyushu area kids meeting report
From commemorative issue group
Leaders reports
Working report
Song of "Wild Flowers"
Lunch preparation by Mitsushiki Group
Menue: Chicken curry, instant pickles, coffee jelly

Attendant: Adult 32, kid 3

Regular meeting sales: Houfu, Takajou Group

Picture and report: