November 4, 2003: FBSC is close at hand
An autumnal flower pod welcomed me at the entrance of Oita Group of Friends' house.
Sakanoichi group members who are in charge of lunch preparation, have already started their working.
Regular meeting starts with a hymn. Mitsushiki group members will take a lead today.
The FBSC (Family Budget Study Class) is just at hand and the presenter reds the draft.
Today's attendants listen to her carefully.
The family budget leader read out lines from Motoko Hani's writing "Family Budget."
The site leader explains the map on the day.
After the regular meeting, we checked many exhibitions together.
The exhibition includes many dishes such as target amount of food to be taken by a home wife a day or convenient spare vegetable foods.
Our study results.
Sales items will be displayed for the Friendship Sales in December.
After the work, we took lunch as usual. Today's menu is chicken rice, Noppei soup, vegetables marinated with sesame oil, instant sweet pickles, and gingko tofu. \
In the afternoon, a joint meeting was held for FBSC preparations.

So many data.
Miscellaneous works find no end.
In the busy hours, beautiful flowers including winter cosmos comfort us.
November, 2003 meeting
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Hymn #313
Reading: "The place we live"
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