June 21, 2003: The second day of the open house (Part 2)
The new house will be open for public at 11:00 a.m. Some members showed up from Miyazaki prefecture by car all the way. We are very glad to see them.
From left. Kuroiwa(Oita), Ueda(Miyazaki),Ohbo(Miyazaki), Nagano(Oita), and Kishida(Miyazaki.)

The main hall is quickly filled with the visitors. Food shop in the back and clothing shop in the front.
Food material shop attracts many visitors.
In commemoration of the completion of the new house, many historical books published from Females' Friends Publisher were presented.
The set of six books "How to sew western clothing" was published in 1933. It was presented by an old member (the deceased) who lived Moppo, South Korea. From left Watanabe, Nagano, and Nishinaka.

The design illustration of the clothing are very beautiful

Then lovely kids' cloths were designed by Yoshitaro Nishijima.

All the designs were accompanied by dress patterns. Some include actual cloth samples.
The books hand down the strong will of Hani and other pioneers who wanted the western clothing spread for Japanese people.
In the tea corner, some members and their families are relaxing.
The neighbors came and said "Yes, we know the name of Hani." We were very glad to hear that.
Three members showed up from Kitakyushu City all the way down to Oita. We had a good time over taking dried curry and cake set.Nagano, Maruyama, Matsunaga, and Morinaga.
The eldest member and old members joined as well.
A mini cooking class was opened at 13:00.
The first demonstration was "How to prepare dressings" by Matoba.
A proper amount of the breakfast should be taken including 100 grams of vegetables. The variation of the dressings will be good for it.
The next demonstration was "Simple snack making, "sweet milk dumpling." It will be good from now in the hot season.
"Washing and ironing demonstration by Shiotsuki and Zaitsu.

Shitsuki appealed the importance of proper use of washing water and detergent. Zaitsu told about the keys of good ironing.
The open house for two days was over successfully.

After the cleaning up the site, we went back home with comfortable fatigue.

Many visitors joined us and learned the activities of the group. Thank you very much for all.
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