February 10, 2003: Keeping household accounts by computer
A household accounts keeping class was held today at a hospital hall run by one of the members of Oita Group of Friends. The text was of "Household Account Book using computer" published from Females' Friend Publisher.
Two of the attendants use it for the first time. Another member had once tried to use it but gave up as it was hard to understand. The other two members have been using it more than two years successfully.
After singing a hymn, the class started with checking hard copies of the statement of accounts.
We carefully set up the computer according to the manual. Actual data was then put into the computer from the receipts.
One of the students who has long been struggled with a lot of paper sheets wants to make clear her accounts by using a computer.
The first class of household accounts
Place: Kumachan Hall of Kumagai obstetrics and gynecology: 10:00-15:00
Hymn: #30
Checking the household accounts
Household accounts "Adjust and set it up to your option."
Installed the software
Basic item and accounts name set ups
Actual use

Attendant: 5
Reported by: Nagano
This is the first time class today. As we had some difficulties in using the computer, we often looked back for help to the experts. All the attendants were eager enough to be able to make use of the computer from now on, however.