September 10, 2002: Child-rearing-mothers' meeting
We had a child-rearing-mothers' meeting today for the first time since July. Many vivid kids and their mothers got together to the GOF (Group of Friends) House.
We will have a "Family budget open course" in November, and we have been studying past couple of years how to make popular meat bread for kids.
Today's study class started just after a hymn and a sort pray.
some senior members who are good at making bread teaches how to kneed the dough with hands. Beautiful dough were completed soon.
As the dough has already completed the primary fermentation, we quickly divided them into pieces and rounded before leaving for 15 minutes bench time.
During the bench time, we rounded minced meat lump into 24 small balls.
The bench time was over in a good timing. We quickly wrap the ball with the dough. The knack is to put the meat ball in the center of the swollen dough.
We are now enjoy balling the dough skillfully.

The dough are put in a vinyl bag for the secondary fermentation.
While the oven was baking the bread, we had a reading time.
We also reviewed how we spent the ling summer holidays.
We discussed many things on our daily life and concluded that we should learn more about preparing better menus. The bible will be "Life Book" by Motoya. We wrote down some lines of the main and side dishes. We will actually try them in home and bring in the impression by the next time.
Mouth-watering meat breads have finally come out of the oven. Pumpkin potage was prepared by the life group and sweet pickles was made y the mother group who learned how to make them from stand-by vegetables.
Vivid and already hungry kids were delighted to eat the wonderful dishes just prepared by their mothers.

We hope to continue child-rearing-mothers study class in the second term.
September Child-rearing-mothers' meeting
Hymn: #504
Actual making course: Meat bread
Reading: From Home Education "How to educate to control one's desire"
Impressions: Summer life with kids
Case study: "Ms. K's menu and its impression"

Lunch: Two kinds of meat breads, pumpkin potage, vegetable salad, burdock in sweetened vinegar
Attendant: Member 17, guest 1, kid 5, committee 6
               Reported by: Nagano