September 3, 2002: The second term of GOF
The terrible heat of this summer is still lingering around here in Oita. The second term of GOF(Group of Friend) Oita branch started today.

The leader of a group who is in charge of this time write down today's program on the black board.
The lunch preparation group, Mitsushiki, is working hard in the kitchen already.
The theme of September is "Toward a working autumn."

The writings of the Founder, Motoko Hani, is a textbook of the day as usual. The line is "The most natural life." After reading the lines, we exchange our impressions each other.
In the second term, we will have a family budget open class in November. Before that, we checked our family budgets and discussed over the charts.
On the new house project

In summer off time some of the construction group member discussed the design and estimates submitted from the bidders. We are now focusing into two bidders for the final selection.
The flotation of a loan, contribution gathering, and temporary housing are the major items to be considered.
Some members who attended a "Smock apron making class" in summer holidays wear their products today and demonstrate.

Ms. Tanaka, the teacher of the class, told that all the attendants completed their work neatly.
Mitsushiki group members have prepared today's lunch. The menu was taken from a study class "Mother group having infants."

Dried curry with corn
Coffee jelly
September meeting Meeting charge groupMunakata
Meeting theme: "Toward a working autumn"
Hymn: #368
Reading: The most natural life
Reading impression by the general leader and the duty group
Preparation for Family budget open class
What is visible from the half-year settlement: by Araki
Talking: What is a family budget for you?
On new house construction:
  The movement after August meeting
  Focusing onto two bidders
   Loan floatation, gathering contribution
   Name list preparation, construction budget
   On the moving, from the leader
  PR of Oita special products like Shiitake mushroom, Kabosu citrus
Smock apron making report
  Demonstration of the products
Leader report
From Life group
From Sales group
From General group
From working group

Daycare: Kasuga, Wasada group
Today's sales: Houfu, Sakanoichi
Lunch preparation: Mitsushiki

Working group report: Attendant 35
       Kids: 5 Cared b two adults

                     Report: Nagano