May 26, 2002: Free Market in Tsukumi city
Tsukumki is a local city in which some of our Group of Friends members works in its branch. Today, we visitd there to join a free market.
We started Oita at 8:30 and arrived there past 10:00. The market is opened at Chinu Square of Pacific Cement company.

We prepared our stall under the strong heat that reminds us of the real summer. Long sleeve cloths and hats are essential to protect the harsh sunlight. One of our members soon bought (30 yen) an used long sleeve shirt and changed her short shirt to it.
Wedisplayed many items such as hand craft cloth dolls, small items, cookies, and goods we items. They can be discounted to a great extent, depending on the price negotiation.
The free market opened at noon and many guests showed up. There are many tents for foods and drinks. On the other corner of the square, a boyfs baseball school is opened.
We looked around other stalls that sell handmade caps and other baseball goods for making a fund. The total number of the stall was 34.

We bought tea cups and small bags as well.
The market was over past after four. We checked the number of the items. Some half amount of cookies was remained, but almost all of the surpluses were sold out.

I was sorry that we couldn't see Tsukumi branch members this time, but we could talk with local people and appealed our group to them.Reported by Annan