march 12, 2002: Visit to Kusu group
In the midst of warm spring, I visited Kusu group after a long time.

Two general leaders, of old and new fiscal year, a member in charge of general affairs, and I got on a car and headed Kusu.
The car started Oita Group of Friends' house at 9:00 a.m. and soon got on a highway from Oita IC.

The slopes of the mountain near Yufuin are charred with the burning of the dead grass off.
Kusu group consists of five-80s and one-70s members. They are old but they enjoy monthly meeting very much.

"Although it is hard to exchange with other districts, but we hope to live on as a part of Group of Friends," they said. We are really delighted.
The longest membership in Oita. She joined Group of Friends in 1942. She survived a hard time during the World War 2 with the help of a magazine "Females' Friends" to manage an austerity life. Her precious experience was really suggestive to us.

This is a tablecloth embroidered. Its wonderful coloring and elaborated stitching made us admired.
Brought-in dishes parade on the table. They are all made from natural materials taken from the fields of Kusu district.
We took a we-were-there-picture. Click to enlarge.

It was very pity that we couldn't see an old member of the group today.
After the pleasant lunch, They were also beautiful enough to make us move. Every story by the members based upon the principles of the Founder, Motoko Hani. They always intend to carry out at once. We have to learn much from them.
We wee encouraged very much by seeing old members well dissolved in a local community. We hope to see and talk with them again.