November 13, 2001FFamily Budget Study Class preparation at its final stage
We have finished the final rehearsal on November 9, and are now in the final stretch.
The table will be used for planning side dish budget. We carefully check the figures on it.
In the daycare center, the family budget leader who will emcee the Class proofread the manuscript again.

In the Class, we want to appeal the importance of a budget life. For that purpose, we frankly discuss each other.
Tags to be used in the display are also prepared.
We will display a convenient "Time saving" menu for making lunch based on the proper amount of food per day for a housewife.
Let's check again on the board.
Sales goods like housekeeping book and lunch making book issued by Females Friends Publisher have arrived today.
We put sales tag on them.
Daycare preparation goods are ready in the corner. We will open the Class soon. We have been making efforts to have the Class. We hope many guests will join us.