December 7, 2001: Friendship Sales Day
A regular Friendship Sales Day this year was held today. In the morning, the members gathered in the 7th floor of Rainbow Hotel at 9:30 a.m. We first held a meeting.
The general leader made a few words followed by comments on the checking points of the Sales by the sales leader.
Today's setting map is on the wall, showing the arrangement of the tables (in orange) and others. We soon did so.
Homemade cookies and bread are carefully checked.
On the cloths table are products such as dishcloths and aprons which were already checked the other day.
Christmas goods are also beautifully set on the central table like this.
As a part of our regular overseas cooperation, Bangladesh female's products were also on sale.
Surplus items like towels and dishes are displayed on this table for sale.
Many people have already been waiting on the corridor for the opening of the Sales at 11:00 a.m.
The Sales opened at 11:00 a.m.

Food corner gathers many guests like this. They buy our product after asking how they were prepared and so on.
Clothing corner.

The guests carefully check the exhibit before buying.
We provided three check stands.

The member in charge carefully checks commodities and money.
Tea corner.
On the wall is a tapestry we made last year in commemoration with the 70th anniversary of the National Group of Friends. Christmas ornaments on the table ease the guests.

Many books from Females Friends Publisher are displayed on the exit table for sale.
The sales was closed at 1:00 p.m. We took late lunch after cleaning the room.

We had a review meeting then. As the number of the guests was smaller than that of last year, we reflected our activities.
After lunch, we checked up the amount of sales.
Finally, we made both ends together and cleaned up the room.

The sale was over. In the next meeting, we will set some money aside for contribution overseas cooperation under the name of Oita Group of Friends.
Reported by Nagano