May 10, 2001: Children rearing mothers' meeting
Group of Friends Oita Branch: May, Children rearing mothers' meeting
Hymn #461
Practice: Meat bread making for baby
         Study on food: Time saving
         Cream stew of meat ball, from "Everyday cooking with smile" by Etsuko Motoya
Reading: The base of home education, from "Discover children" by the Founder Motoko Hani
Discussion: Living time check
On June 14, a lecture by Etsuko Motoya will be held here in Oita under the title of "Everyday cooking with smile", which is the title of her book.

We are learning the book whenever we have time. Today, we prepared two dishes taken from the book. One is cream stew of meatball named "Time saving", and the other is bread for kids in the day-care center on the lecture day.
After making the dishes, we had a reading "The base of home education" and talked our impression on the lines. "Not only requesting things to kids, but we should improve ourselves at the same time." "When I look at the other children playing together with my kids, I feel something difficult to treat them." "We have to learn those who go a step ahead of us." Many frank impressions like those were disclosed. We have had a really useful discussion this time.
This is one of the selected works by Motoko Hani.

The book covers Hani's works during 1905 through 1911. The basic concepts in the works still appeals directly to our minds beyond time and space.
The book is an introduction to the selected works by Motoko Hani.
The lunchtime for children has come.

Today, we have three children with the mothers. Matoba of life group and Araki feed them with just-out-of oven meat bread and cream stew. The children look like enjoy the food.
During children's lunch, the mothers continued the study by reporting their time check results. After that, we sampled today's dish and made some comments on it.
Today's attendant                             Adult  5
                    Mothers with kids  4
                    Guest  1
                    Kids  3
Reported by:Nagano

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