April 25, 2001: Senior group started
The senior group had its first meeting today. We usually bring in the lunch, but today, we prepared half-cooked lunches and gathered a half hour earlier than usual.
Today, we made such Sushi dish. Can you identify the ingredients? In the center is Shiitake mushroom, a special product of Oita, surrounded by yellow egg roles with Sansho leaves on them. The red rolls are made from pimento. The outer ring consists of pink flake of Myouga (Japanese ginger) on the left, white slices of young bamboo shoots on the right, and lotus roots in the bottom.
Takana-zuke, a special Sushi product of Oita is prepared in this way.
A meeting is held before lunch.
Hymn #81
Reading from the writing #21by founder Motoko Hani, "Truth shines."
Recent situation of the members
Discussion the policy of the year
Nest month schedule
After lunch, we knitted caps for "On-magazine volunteer of Senior Group."
This year, our Senior Group will work in public affairs as well. The target is, therefore, "How we can be useful for others with healthy mind and body."

We checked each other how the absent members are going on. Some are in bad condition, some are busy for caring her husband ill in bed. We prayed for their healthy lives.
After the meeting, we enjoyed wonderful foods prepared by the attendants today. We will have a lecture by Ms. Etsuko Motoya in July. Today's dishes are taken from the menu in her book "Let's enjoy cooking today as usual." Some people who joined us today for the preparation enjoyed the lunch as well.

Eight members joined today. The picture was taken by Matoba.
The printer is working hard in copying handbills of the lecture.
In the afternoon, we knitted wool caps for on-magazine volunteer. Ms. Kita, who couldn't come today, sent her sample cap. Ms. Yamada contributed a lot of wool. We referred the sample in making the caps. Some of the members had no experience of knitting, but they were enjoying as well by learning the knitting.
We will knit them in home as well.
The handbills of the lecture are carefully prepared, wishing many visitors will come.

Reported by Nagano