January 9, 2001: Group of Friends warms up

We have a New Year meeting every year. Kasuga branch is in charge of preparation this time. Today, a meeting was held at Ms. Toujou's house. She is the leader of the Group. Mr. Matoba, the general leader of Oita Branch and I joined the meeting.
The alcove of the house was decorated with a "Kagami-Mochi" and a beautiful flower arrangement, making a good atmosphere of the New Year.

We started the meeting by reading the writings of Motoko Hani, the founder of Group of Friends, "New Year's Pray." We then discussed how to prepare for the New Year meeting. After a simple but hearty lunch, we exchanged information on the last year's activities in each branch. We agreed to continue to do our best in order to create better homes as ever and proliferate the activities around us widely. Today's meeting was really fruitful.
From left, Toujou, Nagano, Matoba, Kato, and Inoue.