November 10, 2000: A rehearsal for the Course

A rehearsal is ready to go after the testing of the microphone.

Watanabe, the leader of family budget, is on the right, and Yamada (left) will make a presentation "Supported by 40-year account books" in the Course.

 The table was completed.


Goto prepares color paper for kid-tags. Breads to be sold in the Course are carefully packed.


After a comment by Matoba, the general leader, the rehearsal started. The opener is Takahashi (right picture.)

Goto, the pointer, waits ready in tension.


Anan (left) and Hara will present "Kids life after coming back home" based on the study result in the mother-and kid group.

Ishibashi will report on her first experience of the family budget making.

Actual display of the dishes for one-day amount of a housekeeper in thirties (left.) On the right are the samples of lunch box.

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