October 3, 2000: "Account book and me"
Hymn #367
Reading: The only life 'The shine of truth'
Guest introduction
Toward housekeeping and family budget course
    Contents leader: Watanabe
    Practice leader: Iwahashi
Family budget and me
The Kingdom of Friends

Regular meeting Groups
On duty: (remote Groups) Kujyu, Tsukumi, Dainann
Day care: Munakata, Sakanoichi
Sales: Jyounann, Wasada

Attendants number: 33 (1 guest included) kids 4

For the preparation of housekeeping and family budget course to be held in next month, all of us brought in our ideas how to continue  keeping  household accounts.

The number of the family budget was tabulated and attached on the wall. Of the attendants, 31 members reported the table respectively.
"Since I was young, I have been keeping the family budget by learning from my predecessors." The comment by an elderly gathered the hearty nodding of the members.

The meeting was successful by hearing each other's  thinking on the family budget.

In the small meeting in the afternoon, we selected some of the representatives.
Kasuga Group is in charge of today's lunch preparation. In a small kitchen, they cooked very well like this.
The lunch carefully prepared is really beautiful and appetizing.
Today's menu:
Lamiaceae flavored rice, Game-ni, black bean, and Nara pickles.
We also sold cookies and sushi rolls prepared by the sales group. Included were; Inari-sushi, table roll, sesame cookie, cheese cracker, bean flour pounding cake, mini-Chiffon cake, and fried bean flour dough cookies

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