July 14, 2000: A rehearsal for Life Exhibition
We have been working hard for almost one year for a special commemorative event of the 70th anniversary of Group of Friends. The event, "Life Exhibition for healthy home", will be opened just one week later. Today, we will have a rehearsal at Oita Group of Friends' house. If possible, we want to practice it in the actual site, but because of the budget limitation, we have to do it at the house. Many members are working hard from early in the morning.
When the preparation was settled for the time being, we sang a hymn and had a meeting. We confirmed the sales promotion status of the ticket and agreed to gather more visitors. The work assignment on the day was also checked through the meeting.
We are planning to display some panels of "Children rearing mothers groups", but as we couldn't find good pictures to be used in it, we decided to take new pictures this time.
The rehearsal starts at last.

First, we set up the panels on the all walls of the house. We check carefully if there are any mistakes in the writings, hoping to appeal our hot desire to the visitors.
As kids need to take nutrition from small but frequent meals, we suggest that they take three meals and one snack a day. We call this "four-time meal."

The required amount of the food is determined from the nutrition table. As we intend to appeal the actual volume of the food visually, we scale the weight of each food carefully.
Meals for children must be served regularly and quickly. The meals should be cooked in a limited time without losing any necessary nutrition. Standing vegetables will be the solution; they can be stored in a refrigerator and be served instantly. If you can cook many kinds of the standing dishes, you will feel pleasant in your kitchen work. In this meaning, we will display many standing vegetable dishes like those. In the actual performance, all the tables will be covered with white tablecloths. We agreed that the dishes should be of glass like those on the right picture.
We have worked hard until today to make the panels easier to understand at a glance. Today, each of us checked again the coloring or design of the panels.
Here are samples of homemade snack prepared by the members of our Oita Branch. Besides the 20 samples displayed today, we have some other snacks.

The sample covers from simple snack to a little bit complicated or bulky ones.
We also checked how kids spend their times after school. Some of them go to sport clubs or cramming schools, others take lessons. They are very busy.
Mothers are also busy in taking the kids to and from those places. We can see that it is hard to take a dinner together in a family.

In this status, we should serve better meal for the kids who go out after dinner. Those samples will also be displayed.
Careful checking requires so much amount of work. We still have much more things to do, but working in the hot house without any air conditioners already exhausts us. Now we should take rest and enjoy lunch.

As the dessert, we took cherry presented from a member of today and a sample of carrot cake displayed on today's rehearsal.
On the Exhibition, we will introduce some members of our Oita Branch. The members from Hofu group took a picture today. Mrs. Yoshino, the eldest member of Oita Branch, showed up all the way after a long time absence. She lives in a remote town that takes more than an hour by train to get there. We were very delighted to see her.
The rehearsal continues in the afternoon.
We will set up a corner to think about the children from the viewpoint of family finances. Mrs. Yamada displays over 30 household accounts books she has been keeping until today. Petty cash books or educational expenses will be appealed to the visitors.
Visitors can join the checking of their environmental protection activities. Colorful seals will be affixed on the check sheets.

In the end of today's rehearsal, a small class was held for making instant snacks. On the actual performance, rice cake sprinkled with soybean flour and carrot jelly will be prepared. Today, we learned how to make the rice cake and sampled it.

A long rehearsal was over at last. We found some items to be corrected on the panels and not all the displays were satisfactory. We have just several days ahead. We decided anew to polish the preparation.

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