June 27, 2000: Life Exhibition preparation (No.7)
The preparation for our major event "Life Exhibition for Healthy Home", in commemoration with the 70th anniversary of National Group of Friends, is approaching to its final stage. Today, we first read, "Education completes in ten generation" quoted from "Reports from Zoushigaya" written by the late Yoshikazu Hani.
Then we introduced a sample dish for "breakfast for a housewife" prepared by our Wasada group who is in charge of making it.

This is the sample. As we think we must take sufficient amount of breakfast, the base ingredients are: one piece of sliced bread taken from a six-slice pack, 200 cc of milk, 10 gram of cheese, one egg, and 100 gram of vegetable.

Butter should be served with bread without fail, ham is avoided, the shape of potato must be distinguished in potato salad, and salad green is used instead of sunny lettuce. The tableware and napkin will be used in this way in the exhibition.
This is a Japanese style breakfast sample.

The ingredients are from front; cooked rice 180 gram, miso soup of 10-gram miso paste together with potato, onion, and leak. An omelet including leek, fried pimento of green and red, boiled Shiitake mushroom and fried hot burdock as preserved food, fermented soybeans, and pickles.

Through the discussion, we have decided as follows: The omelet dish should be changed to a square shaped dish on which fried hot burdock is put together. The small dish for pickles will be changed to white colored one. The arrangement of napkin, chopstick, and chopstick rest should be displayed in this way.
After repeated discussions, the ingredients of a lunchbox for children were finally decided.

Next time, we will decide the kind of napkin to be spread under the lunchbox.
This is a sample lunchbox for junior highschool or high school students. I was surprised by the size of the lunchbox. The amount of rice is about 330 gram, twice of my own lunchbox. The ingredients of the lunchbox were finally chosen.

We have prepared a panel saying, "Home made lunchbox is best, after all." I took a picture of an explanatory illustration and an actual lunchbox like this.

The basic design of the lunchbox is: cooked rice one-half, protein sources such as meat, fish, egg, or beans one-fourth, and vegetables one-fourth.
In the Exhibition, we will open a "How to make instant snacks" course in the morning and in the afternoon. Akeno group demonstrated the making today.
Canned fruit is poured onto a flat pan together with its juice. After freezing, it is mixed with fresh cream and yogurt using a mixer. This is a very simple snack of ice cream.
In this demonstration, the fruit was frozen so hard that it took a longer time. We should take out the ingredient from the freezer a little bit earlier. We talked about that we should pay attention to small items like this in the Exhibition.
Well, a simple ice cream snacks are ready for taste. The samples were served to all the members who joined today's preparation meeting.
All the adults and children enjoyed the ice cream. If you prepare the ingredients, it is very easy to make the snack. You can also preserve the excess amount of the snack in your refrigerator as well. We believe the ice cream snack will be welcomed at the Exhibition. Another snack will be cooled bracken jelly.
In the hot air of our Oita Branch, we were refreshed by the tasty ice cream and resumed the preparation.

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