No.13 July 14, 2004

The 30th anniversary of Yufuin Music Festival
Executive committee meeting
Regular meeting at Kotokoto-ya
Just after the rainy season this year, we are suffering from terrible heat here in Oita City. Yufuin Valley, some 30 Km to the west of Oita enjoys cool breeze that refreshes the small town in the altitude of 400 meters above the sea level. Beautiful summer flowers smile at me in the dusk. We will have a regular meeting of the festival today.
The sky is still bright at half past seven. Mt. Yufu soars high with its clear skyline.
I found something interesting on the still light street. A music tone made from wire is sprayed like this. The young staff of the festival make so many decorations to be set at the festival site.
A wire-made music note is quite interesting.
A large stand-type signboard is ready as well. YOung members ideas are very good.
Kotokoto-Ya restaurant is the regular meeting site.
So many roses here and there.
The festival starts two weeks later. Final checking is a hard work.
We discussed in details such as meeting time, site preparation, hall cleaning, parking lot, and transportation of the people and materials.
We will have many parties as usual including eve, finale, farewell. Tea services and sales stand should also be checked carefully. We will have a start on meeting on July 20.
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