July 24-28,2008: The 34th YMF (part3)

July 26(Sat)

I usually stay this good cottage in every YMF term.
We prepare simple breakfast. My husband works a an exclusive driver for Mr. Michio Kobayashi.
As I had a small time this morning, I visited Tamanoyu Hotel and enjoyed a pleasant chatting with Ms. Takei.

Mr. Kumpei Mizoguchi,the honorary president of the hotel, joined us.
The entrance of the hotel is always decorated with seasonal local flowers.
I went back to the hall. After preparing for tea time, I moved to Yufuin railroad station in which the free-concert was held as usual.
A staff asked the passengers to YMF.
Shakuhachi (Japanese flute) performance by Shinichi Matsumoto accompanied by Mieko Kobayashi's piano.
Mr. Kouno, cellist,also invited the passenger to the festival.
Flute performance by Ms. Naoko Kirihara. She regularly joins the festival from Miyazaki prefecture.
Music journalist Yamara Watanabe introduced the afternoon concert to be held soon.

The original lunch by Ms. Chikako Goto was very good.
Mr. Katoh made sushi by himself.
Mr. Youhei Kai is the regular pianist from Osaka. His work is music score turning on the performance.
The Romantic Afternoon concert started.

flutist Sakuma and pianist Kobayashi.
The Matsumoto family.
Clarinetist Takahashi and cellist Kouno and pianist Kobayashi.

The full member of the afternoon concert.
The artists also enjoyed shopping.

Tea break.

Good friends.
Evening concert rehearsal.
Good supper refreshed me.
Mie Kobayashi's violin recital.

Her performance was really wonderful.

Wonderful artists.

They earned thunderous applause.
From left, Kouno,Kawasaki,Noda,Kobayshi.
The evening concert was over in success.
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