July 14,2008: The 34th YMF Executive committee (part3)
On last Monday,July 7, the joint kick-off meeting of Yufuin Music Festival (YMF) and Yufuin Film Festival (YMM) was held in Yufuin Valley. Unfortunately, we had to go home and couldn7t join the meeting. I am very sorry that I am too busy to attend the meeting this year.
It was very good to know that many new young staffs joined the preparation meeting. Mr. Masakuni Kato, the chairman of the YMF executive committee, kindly introduced each other and gave comment this time program and artists in detail.

How much chance I can have? There are so many good music this time as usual.
On each time preparation meeting, Mr. Michio Kobayashi, one of the world prominent harpsichordist and General Advisor of YMF,presents us good cakes and snacks. I also brought a box of souvenir from Okinawa I made a short business trip last week.
The young staff discussed enthusiastically on the preparation.
Usual T-shirts were ready. The color of the shirts was very beautiful including blue, yellow, and black. I would be happy if I could buy all the colors of them.
The staff picked up his or her favorite colors. They could buy at staff-price.
Now, we can welcome the guests by wearing those colorful T-shirts.

The YMF opens next week at last. We filled the schedule table before leaving the meeting.
The next meeting will be held on July 21.
Y.M.F YMF record
July 24(Thu)-27(Sun),2008
reported by Mie
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