July 26-29,2007: The report of the 33rd YMF (part 3)
July 28(Sat)

We have a beautiful day today as well. Mt Yufu soars high just in front of me. Greens are beautiful along the street.
In the morning, I walked around the cottage in which we make it a rule to stay during the festival.
The staff joined at 11 a.m. I soon prepared coffee corner and checked through the community hall.
I could listen to the rehearsal.
I went to The railroad station in which a small instant concert was held. Lovely baby swallows also listen to the music.
Express train Yufuin Forest arrived and the visitors enjoy the small concert.
Mr. Matsumoto played Shakuhachi, Japanese oboe.
Some visitors were very moved by listening local a lullaby and asked Mr.Matsumoto's and Ms. Kobayashi's autograph.
Lunch time.
Off-time pleasant chatting at the coffee corner.
Afternoon concert started at last.

Violin by Ms. Natsumi Tamai and viola by Mr. Kazunori Kawasaki.
Wonderful play continued.
Violin and cello performance.
Cello by Mr. Fumiaki Kouno and piano by Mr. Noda.
String trio.
The audience was happy today as well.
Mr. Kouno won applause.
Schubert evening started at 7:30 p.m.
Lovely illumination along the approach.
Young "Quartet 25"
Chieko Teratani sang Germany lied in mezzo soprano.
String quintet won endless applause.
From left, Ms. Tamai, Mr. Michio Kobayashi and Mr. Noda.
Quartet 25 and Ms. Yamasaki.
Mr. Kumpei Mizoguchi, the representative of YMF enjoyed the concert as well.
picture and description by Mie
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