The 22nd Yufuin Music Festival Program

July 25th - 28th ,1996

July 25(Thu)19:00
at:Yufuin Central Community Center
Pre-Concert (Family Lecture Concert) Entrance Free

July 26(Fri) 13:30
at: Yufuin Central Community Center
Around the History of Western Music in Yufuin

---The world of Gregorian chants---
*Chorus: Oita Medieval Music Society
*Conductor Shigemi Takei
*Special guest:Fumiaki Kono¡Êvc¡Ë

from Gregorian Chants:¡ãKyrie Ave Maria¡ä
G.P.da Palestrina¡ãMissa "Descendit Angelus Domini"¡ä
Other French and Italian seculer music

July 26(Fri) 20:00
at¡§Yufuin Hiland Golf Club
Cembalo Recital by Michio Kobayashi.

J.S.Bach; Sonata (by Reinken) a moll BWV965
G.F.Handel; Suite no.5 in E major 'Harmonious Blacksmith'
G.Ph Teleman; Suite in F major from 'Essercizii musici'
J.S.Bach; English Suite No.3 g minor BWV808

July 27(Sat) 13:30
at: Yufuin Central Community Center
Subaru(Orion) String quartet concert
Yukiko Teraoka(1vn);Tomoe Yamamoto(2vn);Masako Mabuti(va);Yasuo Maruyama(vc)

F.J.Haydn; String quartet in B major Op.76-4 'The Sunrise'
D.D.Shostakovich; String quartet no.3 F major Op.73
L.v.Beethoven; String quartet no.12 Eb major Op.127

July 27(Sat) 20:00
at: Yufuin Central Community Center
Quartetto Classico concert
Chima Kawahara(1vn);Atsumi Hanazaki(2vn);Maki Miwa(va);Mizuhiro Tasaki(vc)

D.D.Shostakovich; String quartet no.12 Db major Op.133
L.v.Beethoven; String quartet no.14 in C# major Op.131

July 28(Sun) 13:30
at: Yufuin Central Community Center
The Final Concert of the 22th Yufuin Music Festival : (Guest Performer: Takumi Kubota, Solo, Duo, Torio etc)

L.v.Beethoven Cello Sonata No.2 in G minor Op.5-2
---Fumiaki Kono(vc)Misako Kono(p)
J.S.Bach;Violin Partita No.2 d minor BWV1004
---Takumi Kubota(vn)
L.v.Beethoven; Violin sonata no.2 A major Op.12-2
---Takumi Kubota(vn)Michio Kobayashi(p)


A.Paert fratores --- by QUARTETTO CLASSICO
B.Bartok; String Quartet No.3 Pleiades String Quartet
L.v.Beethoven; Piano Trio Bb major Op.97 'Erzherzog';
---by Takumi Kubota(vn) Fumiaki Kono(vc)Michio Kobayashi(p)


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Cembalo Recital by Michio Kobayashi
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27th(Sat) Subaru String Quartet
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Classico Quartet
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28th(Sun) Finale Concert
Special Guest:
Takumi Kubota
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¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ ¡ù¡ù¡ùThe Profile of performer¡ù¡ù¡ù -----------------------------------------------------------------
Oita-Medieval Music Society
      Established in 1981, as a groupe that is interested in medieval and 
renaissance music.  The regular concerts in Oita Catholic Cathedral became to 
14 times, and fascinated many audiences by their repertoire including 
Gregorian chant and the works of leading composers in Renaissance era.
Shighemi Takei(Speech, Conductor)
      Completed the master course of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts 
and Music and studied with Professor Tastuo Minagawa and Yoshio Nomura. She is
a planner of 'Around the History of Western music in Yufuin-the world of 
Gregorian chant'. Also she wrote 'Western Music:its light and shade-sacred 
songs which Xavier introduced' ( Ongaku no tomosha). Now an associate 
Professor in Miyazaki National University.
Michio Kobayashi(Cembalo)
     Graduated from the department of musicology in Tokyo National University 
of Fine Arts and Music in 1955. Then he began to  develop his activity as 
accompanist very widely. In 1956, he was awarded the New Face Encouragement of
Mainichi Music Prize . Since about 1960,  with leading foreign artists,  he 
was active, with wide repertoire, as a pianist, cembalist and conductor.  He 
is also awarded the Torii Music Prize, Zalzburg International Mozarteum 
Memorial Medal, Mobil Musical Prize. From 1984, Professor of the graduate 
course  of Kunitachi Music College. He is a one of key persons in Yufuin Music
Pleiades String Quartet
Formed in 1990, when they studied with Smetana String Quartet in Prague. They 
won the 3rd prize in the 2nd International String Quartet Contest of Paolo 
Bolziani Prize , and then performed in many place in Japan. In 1992 they won 
the 2nd prize in the department of chamber music in Tokyo International Music 
Contest. Once they interrupted their activity because of their studying abroad
 but again became active in 1994.
     Formed in 1986 by those who graduated from Tokoy National University of 
Fine Arts and Music. Their repertoire extending from The Art of Fuga by J.S.
Bach to modern music,  such as Bartok, Shostakovitch , amounts to over 50 
works and all of them, they play by heart. This group was supported by Japan 
Chamber Music Promote Foundation during 1992-96, Public Trust, Louis Graeler 
Memorial Chamber Music Fund  during 93-95. This autumn, their second CD 
(Bartok, Beethoven) is to be released.
Takumi Kubota(Violin)
Through Toho Gakuen School of Music, he studied with Wolgang Schneiderhan in 
Wien Hochschule fur Musik. In 1983 he won the 2nd prize without the 1st in F.
Kreisler International Contest ; the 1st in Michelangero=Abbado International 
Contest; in 1984, the 1st prize in Munich International Contest . Since then 
He developped various concert activities in Europe and Japan. Now he is 
performing actively  both in Europe and in Japan . This is  his first 
appearance in Yufuin Music Festival.
Fumiaki Kono(Musical Director, Violoncello)
      Entered to Kyoto City University of Arts, he studied with Toshio 
Kuronuma. In 1981, he won the 1st prize in Japan Musical Contest, and in 1983 
he went to U.S.A. to study with G Right. After that, he studied with A.Navara 
in Vienna National Music Academy. Now Professor of Tokyo National University 
of Fine Arts and Music. 
Misako Kono(Piano)
Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts. Since 1982 she had been studying
in Los Angeles and since 1983  in Vienna. She performed as Solist, ensemble 
with orchestra, chamber music, Lied acompany, cembalo player.

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