Oita:Mieko Nagano
June1, 2019
Yufuin Music Festival (YMF) has just put an end after 35 years history. I
firmly believe that as long as music lovers live in this Yufuin valley and
the small town continues to send information nationwide, a new organization
will cut the new tape for the new-type music festival. on September 29, a
thank you party forthe 35th YMF was held in the town. I appreciate your
long lasting support to old and new music festival.

July 24,2009 The 35th YMF executive committee meeting
July 3,2009: The 35th YMF executive committee

Please visit "The report of the 34th YMF."
;The report of the 34th YMF."
September 12,2008:Closing party
July 24-28 2008: The 34th YMF report(part1)

July 14,2008: The 34th YMF Executive committee (part3)
May 12,2008: The 34th Yufuin Music Festival (YMF):Executive committee meeting (No.1)

October 10,2007: Autumn art stimulates my appetite
The report of the 33rd YMF
July 20,2007: The 33rd YMF Preparation record No.4
June 23,2007: The 33rd YMF preparation (No3)

May 18,2007: The 33rd YMF record (2)
The 33rd YMF Program (Japanese)
April 16,2007: 'View music' reception
March 24,2007: The 33rd Yufuin Music Festival, executive committee No.1
November 21,2006 YMF Thanks concert
September 6,2006: Thank you party

July 30,2006 The 32nd YMF Farewell party
July 29: The 32nd YMF,  The 3rd day
July 27-30, 2006:The 32nd YMF(Yufuin Music Festival)
The preparation meeting was held on July 24, 2006.
June 6,2006: Evening concert. 2006. Introduction of "TRAUTWEIN" piano
April 26, 2006:YMF

June 5, 2005: Yufuin Walking
!The 31 Yufuin Music Festival Program

September 26, 2005: Thank you party for YMF
July 28-31, 2005: The 31st Yufuin Music Festival(YMF)
May 11, 2005: Yufuin Artegio concert
March 19, 2005: The first western music in JapanDecember 30, 2004: Winter Concert
Oct 23, 2004:Yufuin Music Festival (Autumn)
September 14, 2004:「YMF Thank you party of the executive committee
August 23, 2004:The 30th anniversary of YMFExecutive committee
July 29, 2004: YMF starts soon
July 20, 2004: Yufuin Festivals started
April 24, 2004: Violin recital

January 12, 2004: Yufuin Film Festival (YFF)
June 2,2003:The 29th Yufuin Music Festival record
February 16, 2003: Sightseeing charisma

July 24, 2002: The 28th YMF
July 22, 2002: YMF-YFF joint kick off meeting
May 18, 2002:the 20th concert of Oita Medieval Music Associatio

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December 25, 2001: Xmas concert at Gallery
May 20, 2001: Mr. Nakaya's collection
January 28, 2001: New Year party of YMF

April 15, 2001: The 3rd Argerich Music Festival
December 27, 2000: A late Christmas concert
October20-21,2000:SUNTORY Hyper Forum party
September 22, 2000:A wedding ceremony
November 24, 1999:Wonderful Yufuin
September 22, 1999:25th YMF Closing Party
May 25, 1999:Lecture by Izumi Kuwano
January 19, 1999:Two Yufuin giants
October 10, 1998:Beef-eating and Yelling Contest
September 21, 1998:Yufuin Net Opening Ceremony
July 28,1998:Hidden Christianity in Ikitsuki Island

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