Sept.1, 2018
Mieko Nagano

Oita City Japan

July25-29,2013 I went to the Tohoku district of the stricken area..
Aug.29-Sep.9, 2011 Travel to LapLand
Dec.6-10, 2009 Travel to Thai & Cambodia
Feb. 2-11, 2009 Kenichi was hospitalized for ten days.
dec.25, 2007-Jan.3, 2008 Welcome Lillian from Hong Kong together with her fiance.
Dec.11-22, 2007 Travel to Austria & Belgium.
Nov. 2-3, 2007 The 10th Beppu Bay Conference 2007
june 19,-July 12, 2006 We made a short trip to Europe for three weeks in order to visit our son and his wife who live in Belgium.
May 2006 I received a commission from Oita City to become a member of "Oita local information promotion committee"

April 6-9, 2006
I was invited to Korea in order to attend the wedding ceremony of Mr.Ahn Keum Woo,who had visited Oita in January,to be held in this month.
March 2006 We welcomedMr.Tsukamoto from New York,Mr.Klaus and Ms.Kaeko from Germany and had very good times with the old Internetfriends.
January 19, 2006: "Winter Sonata live" was opened with the attendance of Mr.Ahn Keunwoo, the sub-director of Korean film "Winter Sonata."
November 7-16, 2005 Kyushu - Latvia Snow Club  "The dialogue of ice and snow exhibition", the main event
June 25, 2005 Put a reference window on my top page:
June 13-21, 2005 Hosted a high-school student from Iowa, USA
Feb 19-March 1,2005 Travel to USA. Visiting many good Internet friends
November 2004 The first meeting of "The research committee conference to boost up Kyushu area by brand strategy" was held.
October 2004 I was nominated as a member of the research committee on "Brand Image Strategy in Kyushu Area."
October 16-24, 2004 A nice guy showed up at my home from the UK, Mr.Andrew.
July 27-31,2004 I made a trip to Korea visiting the scenes of "Winter Sonata" drama.
April 1―5,2004 Travel to India
March 13,2004 Homepage making and party for female by NPO Sightseeing COARA
Jan. 30,2004 I was invited by iCAP Mie COARA to Kuwana City of Mie Prefecture
Jan. 29,2004 NPO Sightseeing COARA has just started the formal activity.
Sept.6-14,2003 Welcome Lillian from Hong Kong together with her younger sister.
I presented a speech at Institute for Hyperne twork Society
on the theme of "Living as a local citizen, viewing 10, 20,
and 50 years from now."
National Group of Friends study class at Nasu Farm
"Life experience school." Refer to the record here.
April 7,2003   Oita Group of Friends' new house has completed. I have worked as the construction leader and recorded the process.
February 22-23, 2003 I visited senior net Isahaya together with my husband to give a lecture on its commemorative meeting of becoming an NPO.
2002-2003 A foreign student Mr. Zang YingKang of Chiba University stays in my home during the year-end holidays.
May 2002 Took part in "OpenCollabo" member run by Institute for Hypernetwork Society
May 27-28,2002 Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Ben from Missouri, USA
May 2002

Accepted the appointment of National Group of Friends Central Committee from Kyushu block

Sep-Oct 2001 Travel to USA & Germany
Aug. 2001 J oined to "Kitsuki Internet Experience Day" as a member of BuNGO-chennel who sponsored it.
Jul, 2001

Organized and started BuNGO-Channel with the friends in Oita.

May, 2001 Welcome Mr. Tsukamoto from New York to FOOD-Community Group's pleasant off-line meting.
Apr.2001 Cambodia-Oita Association started             Welcome Mr. Ahn from Korea, our old friend since PC-communication days.
Dec. 2000 Travel to Hong Kong see my "virtual" daughter Lillian.
Mr. Ranma, my old COARA member, visited us for the first time in ten years.
Nov. 2000 Attended I nternet and learning symposium sponsored by Oita Prefectural Office and Oita Prefectural Art College.
Jun. 2000 Nominated as a steering committee member of New COARA (a private organization) representating housewife group in accordance with the start of COARA Co., Ltd.
Gave a lecture at Oita University.
May 2000 New friends from Hawaii.
Apr. 2000 Travel to Australia.
Feb. 2000 Home LAN by CATV  ; Welcome Mr.Tsuk amoto from New York.
Jan. 2000 Hosted a lovely lady Lillian from Hong Kong.
Dec. 1999 Connected to CATV-Internet.
Nov. 1999 Welcome an Internet friend from remote Hokkaido Island.
Aug. 1999 I visited Seoul, Korea. Exchanged with Internet Jiphyunjeon.
Jul. 1999 Welcome Mr. Yang and Mr. Park from Changshin High School
May 1999 I was nominated for the manager of a bulletin board type mailing list "Food."
Apr. 1999 We visited Chang-shin College in Masan, Korea.
Mar. 1999 We joined a meeting with Malaysian businessmen.
Mar. 1999 We welcomed a wonderful home stayer from Korea.
Feb. 1999 We attended Ms. Amy Borgstrom who was invited as a guest speaker at HyperNetwork Workshop '99.
Oct. 1998 Attended a Japan-Korea TV Conference as a panelist.
Joined "Multimedia Cafe COARA" program by OBS broadcasting station as a reporter.
Aug. 1998 Published Cyber Book "USA Travel Record"
May-Jul. 1998 Travel to the US visiting our Internet friends.
Apr. 1998 My husband retired, a new life started.
Mar. 1998 Gave a lecture at Oita University on my Internet life under the title of "The Internet expands my life."
Feb. 1998 My son got married and started a new life in Tokyo with his new partner Yasuyo.
Jan. 1998 An Internet friend from the USA visited us for the 4th time.
Autumn 1997 Gave lectures on my Internet life in Sapporo, Suwa, Oita University, Oita Culture and Art Junior College.
Jul. 1996 NEW COARA was awarded by Suntory Local Culture prize. At the celebration "Global Prize".
May 1995 Published my first home page.
Mar. 1995 Purchased a personal computer.
Nov. 1994 NEW COARA started Internet service. I contracted with it
Jul. 1994 We became Yufuin Music Festival staffs.
Jan. 1991 Purchased a word processor and entered COARA in Oita city.
Jul. 1988 The second time Oita life started.
Jul. 1970 Moved to Oita.
Dec. 1942 Born in Tatsuno city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan.

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