We enjoy watching firefly in the summer evenings.ĦĦThe flickering faint luminescence of fireflies lures us into a world of illusion by their pale dancing light. Wherever there was a running stream, there used to dwell fireflies.

Therewas a time in the past when people were more willing to live alongside nature. But streams and rivers died when their beds and banks were paved with concrete to control their flow. Nature was lost and fireflies left. One day, people stopped to look around. They finally notice the fact that where fireflies could not survive, humans could not live as well.

Today, in the planning of new construction, better attention is paid to preserving nature. Due to such care, fireflies, for example, have come back. Now, many fireflies are dancing along small streams near my home. After supper, we go firefly watching. This is one of the typical images of the summer season.

We used to enjoy an elegant game of how many fireflies we could gather in our Yukata sleeves. An old Chinese legend tells of people gathering fireflies to make lanterns for reading.

Fireflies occasionally pass through my garden. I am quite satisfied with such a life, daily surrounded by the small creatures of nature.

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