I went to Hita city today some fifty miles west of Oita city.
Hita is a small city in which Mrs.Uratsuka lives. She is an active member of COARA.
Mr. Don Plym , a nice American, was very interested in the old streets of Hita.

Mrs. Uratsuka and my husband Ken, teaching her how
to use a computer to create her own home page.

We also visited "The House of Yohichiro", a small private
museum built in commemoration of the late Mr. Uratsuka.
It displays traditional Geta, or Japanese sandal(Mrs. Uratsuka's business.)

There are many unusual Getas in those days. New original designed Getas are also displayed.

We stayed at a river side hotel named "Sanyoukan" whose owner is a
leading member of Hita Internet Society. Looking down from the room
to see an unusual flow of the river that flows into three direction,
thus called "Three divergence river."

We enjoyed a morning walk around the water front. Many elementary school kids have sorrounded us.
The teacher said they were observing the four seasons of Hita under the theme of "Finding Winter."

There were many lovely home made Hina Dolls in the souvenior shops of Mameta-machi.
The long and traditional Hina Dolls of the Kusanos will soon be put on view.
It is still cold winter but I could catch the touch of spring.

by Mie