May 1998: Climbing Rose

Mieko Nagano : Oita city, Japan

My grandmother on my mother's old house was demolished two years ago. Before that, I went back to Tatsuno city, Hyougo prefecture, to see the last days of the house. Fifteen years has passed since my grandmother died at the age of eighty-eight. She had really loved my sister and me. She had lost her husband in young and lived alone for a long time. She loved calligraphy and Japanese watercolor painting. She used to paint quietly the flowers in her tiny garden. After she died, my mother has been taking care of the old house. The house was wearing year by year and would be rotted down before long. My mother felt really pity that dear old garden trees also be lost, and she distributed those trees to the people who remembered the grandmother. I asked to get a climbing rose which has been blooming many tiny pink flowers each year at the bow window.

a climbing rose.gif

I cut some branches of it and brought back to Oita. I planted the cuttings in the pots. They are growing healthy this year and I helped them to clime the fence of the terrace. One day in the morning, what is delightful, tiny buds are swelling silently! I am very glad, indeed. I will take them out of the pot and plant on the ground. The pink climbing rose, my grandmother had heartily loved, may feel frightened with the warm breeze of Oita. I hope they will become familiar with the climate and stretch their healthy vines.

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