September 14, 2000: What is this mushroom?

September 17, 2000:
Identified as
"Big White Umbrella Mushroom"
(Chlorophyllum molybdites)

Mr. Kazumasa Yokoyama, Laboratory of Biology Faculty of Education Shiga University Otsu 520-0862, Japan (e-mail yokoyama@sue.shiga-u.ac.jp) , kindly answered me back.

Since several years ago, the tropical-born poisonous mushroom started to proliferate in some parts of Japan, he explained.

If eaten, the mushroom may cause heavy poisoning such as stomachache, diarrhea, and vomiting. In detail, refer to professor Yokoyama's home page .


We have a small grass lot in front of our front gate. Usually, the space is used for car parking.

Because of a lingering typhoon, it has been raining for days here in Oita. Yesterday, I found some of mushroom shoots were coming up from the soil of the lot.


Yesterday evening, the shape of the mushroom was round, but it opened full this morning. The diameter is as much as 16 centimeters.

The back of the umbrella has a pretty pattern of radial lamellas.

What, in the world, is the name of this mushroom? Please tell me.

In the afternoon, the umbrella has fallen down probably because its water weight contained in it. I picked it up and examined carefully.

You can see the relative size of the mushroom when compared with my husband's hand.

The color of the lamella is pale white and the color of the spore is eerie pale blue.

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