July 13, 2001: "BuNGO Channel" started

In 2001, the World Soccer Game will be held here in Oita as well at "Big-Eye" in sports park. An event called "Let's all come and join to bite whole Big-Eye." The sponsor will be Oita Young Men's Association (OYMA) World Cup Preparation Branch one of the corporate juridical persons.
Some members of our "BuNGO Channel" joined the meeting this evening.

"BuNGO Channel" is a voluntary group started by those people who want to do something for vitalization of Oita Prefecture. The group is just a half year old and this is the first actual activity this time.
BuNGO Channel leader Mr. Mori (right) is a member of OYMA, he called at us to join the meeting.

On the leftmost is Mr. Kaku, general secretariat of OYMA.

BuNGO Channel comes from Bungo (the old name of Oita) Channel. We understand the word channel as a place to encounter many people and exchange each other, as this is our main target. The total number of the evening is 15 including our group (from left: Nakamura, Suyama, and Murakami.)
And Goto (left) and me.

We have been discussing the content of the big event, but we meet with the sponsor for the first time this evening.
We exchanged opinions over a lot of materials.
Stamp gathering walk and Big-Eye exploration, 2002 human letter recording, and J2 Official game watching of Oita Torinita vs. MonteDio Yamagata are the major events.
Many groups and corporations will join the event.
Our BuNGO Channel will prepare an information web page and take part in some other activities.
The joint meeting was over at 10 p.m. Our BuNGO Channel continued discussion in a tearoom.
Reported by Nagano Mie

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