Christmas bazaar

I am on the staff of the Oita branch of "Tomo no kai," or the "Group of Friends." The group has 92 members living in the vicinity of Oita city. One of the events sponsored by the group we will be a Christmas bazaar on the 11th of December. I will prepare different kinds of cakes for sale such as pound cake, carrot cake, marble cake, as well as cheese crackers.

I am now working lovely handicrafts, such as lunch-boxes, small bags, coasters from Christmas patterned cloths. I hope my artworks will be used for Christmas presents. I first sketched some pictures, then stenciled them onto pillow covers and napkins. I have also made fancy smock aprons. My friends are preparing various items as well.

We are gathering surplus household items like towels, soap bars, and dishes which we were presented from other people as gifts. It would be very happy for us if those items would find use by those who purchase them. The farmers among our members will bring their agricultural products, such as beans, vegetables, and fruits on the day of the bazaar.

The bazaar will be held at a hall close to the Oita railroad station. On the 11st we will prepare the site by appropriately arranging the items for sale, upon which we will happily wait on our customers. We are presently making fliers and distributing them to various sites.

I am assigned to the site arrangement. A couple days ago, people of our branch set out to the site for preliminary inspection. We are planning the layout of the site by using desks and panels already available at the location. We have to take into consideration the flow of the customers in our allotment of product areas, for a convenient distribution of cake stands, clothes stands, and agricultural products, with cashiers, and a coffee corner with rest seats. The public relations corner is also needed to explain what we are doing at our "Group of Friends." Such administrative preparation is as important as taking the time to make the products.

We hope many customers will come to our bazaar and take advantage of our big sales. A portion of the profit will be contributed to social welfare organizations including overseas groups.

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