July 21: Two Changshin students in Oita

@@by Mie

The Korean high school students got together this morning to Beppu College at 9:30 for sightseeing around Beppu. Unfortunately, the weather is still rainy and humid. In the evening, we again drove to the college to pick the two students up. Mr. Kimoto (left: back in white shirt), the principal of Beppu high school, is busy in managing the arrival. A paster, to the right of Mr. Kimoto, is also taking care of the students. Mr. Yang looks like very happy (right.)
As it was raining, they first visited African Safari, then changed the schedule to visit Deodeo, a big electric shop in downtown Oita, and Marine Palace. Our schedule from now is to look around central Oita.
After looking around a CD shop and other popular places to young guys, we enjoyed Italian dishes. A baloon-like pasta made us delighted. The big volume of the food was very tasty as well.
We then visited COARA, our Internet provider. They will have a live air "Internet Life" tonight through the FM radio and the Internet simultaneously. Mr. Yang and Mr. Park will appear on the program. Miss Kusamoto (right), a member of COARA, welcomed us in English.coara insider
In a moment, the program started. On the upper left is a TV camera that takes the gallery, and on the back right is the studio. The monitor shows the program on real-time basis. Two student look like very interested in the simultaneous air system.
"Annyong haseyo" Mr. Park greets in Korean and introduced himself in English. I explained the situation of this time home stay in my house. Mr. Yang introduces the Internet access in is home and in school in fluent English.
A relaxed we-were-there-picture; from left Mr. Takemoto, the caster of the program, my husband Ken, Mr. Yang, and Mr. Park.
Other member joined as well, from left Mr. Fujino, a regular member who answers technical questions from the audience, Ms. Furusho, a challenging personality, Mr. Yang, Miss Kusamoto, and Mr. Park. Thank you veru much both of the students who may have experienced an unusual time today.

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