July 14: Fukuoka air portby Mie
Mrs. Tomoko Miyase and her son Yuuri, one of our closest families, will fly to the USA just before the crowded summer holidays. Mr. Miyase and we will see them off at Fukuoka air port, two hours drive from home. They will fly from Fukuoka to Kansai International air port and change the flight to the West coast. At the domestic counter, she checked in her big trunk.
We left home around 11:30 a.m. and arrrived at Fukuoka air port through Oita exspress way. After we were released from the big trunk, we took a late lunch at a restaurant in the building that vies the taxi way. A jumbo with the painting of "Pikachu", a popular animation character, is waiting for the boading.
Mr. Miyase will join the family in the US after two weeks. His kid looks like somewhat lonely for good-bye for a while, but he is happy to be taken up by his father. The departure time has come and we saw them off, saying "Good flight!"
I found many dear old toys in a souvenir shop. The color of the toys is very nice. Click the picture to enlarge.

As we have been here all the way, we visited to the international terminal newly opened in this May. A free shuttle bus service takes us from exsisting domestic terminal to the new building which is located in just opposite side of the runway in several minutes. All the signs are written in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. They make an international atmosphere in the terminal.
A City Bank cashing box in the new terminal also reminds me an international air.

The flight schedule reads "For Shanghai, Dalien, Manila," and other destinations in China. It somewhat touches the heart of a traveler.
Many foreign passengers carrying big trunks are already on the check-in line. Are they going home in the summer vacation?
Let's take a short look of the terminal. The white color-based piping structure gives a clean impression, taking-in the natural light properly. The design of the building is very close to that of Kansai International air port to which I had visited befoer.
Click the picture to enlarge.

I hope I can fly out abroad from here someday.

We then visited COARA's office in Tenjin for greeting. Mr. Miyase, a personal computer buff, took us some PC shops nearby. Miss Sumiko Umeno of the COARA office suggested us a newly opened PC shop, "Big camera's PC section", that stretches long under an elevated railroad (left.) The other shop is Applied Fukuoka (right) to which we visited many times before. Don't buy anything today, just looking!
After being caught by an evening traffic jam, we at last got on Oita exspress way. Mrs. Miyase and her kid may be flying over Ostrov Sachalin now.

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