May 25: "Let's live in an attractive community"
by Mie
We have the fifth open-lecture of Beppu college today. The lecturer is Ms. Izumi Kuwano, a challenging managing director of Tamanoyu hotel in Yufuin. She lectures in the subject of "Let's live in an attractive community" today. We attended the lecture togetjer with students of the department of commercial science . Mr. Yokoyame, the dean, introduced her.
"Today, I will give lecture titled not as 'Look for an attractive community', but as 'Convert our community appealing'", she started. "When you graduate the school, you will be in comittment with society much or less. Please commit yourself actively to your community." Ms. kuwano is a mother of a six year-old boy as well. She is working hard to materialize a community friendly to kids. Yufuin, a small spa resort community with the population of 12,000, boasts of its enormouse number of tourists more than 3.8 million annually.

"When looking back the history of our Yufuin", she continues, "our town was about to go under the water of a dam in 1950's. In 1960's a base of the Self-Defence Forces was invited to boost up the economy of this small village in Yufu valley. In late 1960s, a young mayor in his thirties was elected and launched a plan to utilize the grand nature and hot spring resource of the village. This is the base of our present Yufuin."
"We have been learning how to make-out the basic concept of our community development", she goes on, "we visited some villages in europe, like a small village of Baden bailer near Baden-baden in Germany in which the residents themselves design the township. Other communities surrounded with abundance of nature and rich-hearted people in rural England, Toscana region in Italy, and country sides in France have taught us much about how to create our original village. I hope you young students will see much more to create your own basis in your school days."

She presented a video film of Yufuin in the latter half of the lecture. "We have many kind of wonderful people and events in Yufuin. We always intend to make visitors welcome with beautiful nature of four seasons, tasty agricultural products, warm-hearted people who run small craftshops or private museums. Long-run events such as Yufuin Music Festival, Movie Festival, Beef eating and shouting contest are becoming much popular supported not only by the local residents but also by outside people as well."
"What our Yufuin should be," she concludes, "and how can we contribute our village are exclusively up to ourselves." Yufuin is a wonderful village with warm-hearted residents who think seriously about their community.

Thank you Ms. Kuwano for your impressive lecture today.