May 6: So many Pandas
by Mie
In COARA office this evening, we met Mr. Inoue of Usuki who has just returned back from Shanghai, China. he visited there to learn "Taijiquan", a traditional Chinese pugilism. He makes a pattern of it upon our requests.
He took out a box of Panda chocolate as a souvenir for us. When we say Shanghai, we say Panda, or "bear cat." Miss Korenaga of COARA office is very happy to show it.
So many Pandas are sitting in the box in matrix, each of them has a green leaf of bamboo leaf in its mouth. I took one of the chocolates with the flavor of fresh mint. Much more souvenirs: many lovely stuffed mini-Pandas with a green leaf of bamboo as well.
Mr. Takemoto is happy to have one of them.
I met Mr. Gotoh of Heart, a web contents maker, for the first time. He put a Panda doll and introduced himself.
Mr. Ono, the general secretariat of COARA, brought in a large stuffed koala doll, saying "I was also presented such a big souvenir in this consecutive holiday season." He is so happy in struggling to make the Koala hold a mini-Panda presented by Mr. Inoue.
We brought back home two mini-pandas, one for me and one for my husband. I put them on my PC desk. How lovely they are! Thank you very much Mr. Inoue. I remember all Japanese people had once were in fever of Panda and koala.