February 26: Amy visited COARA office
by Mie
The second day of the workshop was ended successfully with many active questions and answers. The weather is slightly cloudy. Outside of the window is a plume from hot spring. The scene looks like unusual to the participants of the Workshop.
A simultaneous-translation booth in the site. Three translators worked hard in turn. Thank you very much for their skills.
The Workshop was over at 3:30 p.m. Good-bye everybody, we will be happy to see you again here in Oita. I see-off the bus to the airport.
We headed to COARA office in Hyper Station, Oita City. Some members of Heart-Shop were still working in the office and welcomed us. Ms. Itakura on the right wearing a green sweater.
In a meeting room, we found a panel of an event sponsored by COARA. The panel appeals joining to the female mailing list.
We sat at the desk in the Hyper Station Broadcasting studio. Amy was surprised to see the latest equipment she never seen even in the US.

Mr. Yoshimoto of Heart-Shop kindly outlined us the equipment in the server room. Amy, the net manager of ACEnet, was interested in and asked "How do you secure the back-ups?" On a PC in the open-use corner, Amy looks at my home page and was delighted to find the record of our visit to Kunisaki peninsula just two days ago.
Mr. Takemoto, a member of HyperNetwork, also returned back to the office after clean up the Workshop site in Beppu. He thanks and says good-bye to Amy
I took Amy to Kannawa-en hotel to stay tonight. The genuine Japanese-style hotel was first built more than 100 years ago. The landlady speaks English very well. Thank you Amy for your efforts for two days.

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