January 21: Miss Rie, a special guest to Multimedia Cafe COARA
by Mie

We have an -hour regular program called "OBS Multimedia Cafe CORA" aired from 8 p.m. every Thursday. The program is a new trial to combine an ordinary radio program with the Internet. It is aired from a studio in Hyper station building in which COARA office is located. Since Mr. Ono, general secretariat of COARA who joins as a regular emcee of the program, is on business trip to the USA., Mr. Takemoto takes over his roll. The performers are carefully making an arrangement before the air. The main guest of the night is Miss Rie Koga, a pretty student of a junior high school, wearing a neat and clean uniform.
As the name shows, many cups of coffee and cakes are on the table in a viewer room. Tonight's gift are roll cakes and "The best Takoyaki (a pack of baked mince ball with pieces of diced octopus) in Oita."
Tonight's viewers are: from the left, Ms. Tomonaga who works at COARA office since last week, Mr. Yuuki (a regular member of COARA), Mr. Mizobe (a papa of two children), Mr. Fujio, Miss Korenaga (COARA office member), and Mr. Goto who showed up after a long time.

(Left) Miss Rie, the main guest of the night, is in the third grade of a junior high school. She is very busy in preparing for the coming entrance exam, still she manages to make time to enjoy the Internet by discussing web sites, chatting with friends over the net, exchanging E-mails, and net surfing to visit her favorite artists. (Right) Ms. Tomonaga (right) introduced herself at the opening of the program, saying she is not good at sweet foods.
In the latter half, Miss Mukai and Miss Umeno reported from Tenjin COARA about a story of aromatherapy in a herb-and-popli shop. The performers and audiences got into full swing by hearing it and exchanging chats, across the partition glass of the studio, on how to enjoy herbs.

After the air, two emcees got relaxed and Mr. Takemoto made a V-sign. On the right is Mrs. Yamasaki. Thank you very much for your efforts.

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