July 10: My first experience of Casino

Yesterday, Mr. James brought me such a box in fun. He said to lift it. I tried and found it was too heavy for me to lift. In the box were a lot of coins he has been stocking his exchanged for past one year. He urges me to go to a casino.

You can enjoy casino legally in Nevada state. There is also a huge casino in the hotel. I have never been to casino. I was really amazed by the size, color, and noise of the casino. There are many playing machines I have watched only in movie or TV program.

James taught me how to play simply. I tried to play on a 5-cent machine. I can get a point if three same marks come to the paying line. It is not so easy to get a point. James plays on a 25-cent machine. He got 3-red-7 marks and many coins were flowing out of the machine.

After playing a while, we four went down to a restaurant. There is a famous coffee shop called "Hard Rock Cafe." I bought four T-shirts in commemoration of visiting Lake Tahoe. We ordered an unusual Mexican dish called "Naccho" whose cheese was delicious.

We then moved to another casino in the adjacent hotel. There was an entertainment of country music and rock band. All the audiences were pleasantly applause and singing together.

A waitress also enjoy by taking rhythm. We enjoyed a happy time and took a picture with her.
An old couple was very interested in my digital camera and asked me to take them. We chatted pleasantly, they were very nice people from Florida. I enjoyed some games as an experience anyway. I am not sure whether it resembles to Pachinko game or not. Does casino machines require much more use of brain?

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