July 7: Monterey

The fog finally vanished away. A beautiful beach of Monterey, blue sky and blue sea.

Fog is still lingering off the shore. The water of the beach was very cold. I saw more than ten seals sunbathing on the rock just in front of the aquarium. I was surprised to see them in such a crowded shore.
Street art is pleasant as well. I bought a T-shirt of seal and some shell pendants.

An old canning factory was converted to a pleasant shopping spot. Wax mannequins display then fishing life.
Some snaps on the way home. Many Mexicans pick strawberry by hands in the field. It seems difficult to mechanize the picking procedure of strawberry.
A big power plant. Santa Crala buys electricity from New Mexico state.
An IBM's office near Mr. James's home.

After we got back home, we enjoyed a swimming. The pool is foe exclusively for the town house residences and is located just behind Mr. James's home. Today's dinner is a big anchovy pizza we brought back from an Italian restaurant nearby. It was really tasty.

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