June 6: San Jose, our final destination

We left Mr. Jim's house in which we stayed for a week. We started at 7:30 in the morning and arrived Los Angeles air port through the highways crowded with the rush hour traffic.

A small propeller plane of American Airlines Eagle, connecting Los Angeles to San Jose.
The plane has just three rows of seats. I felt somewhat uneasy, but I was pleased to see the arid inland landscape below. White lines should be rivers, but I couldn't see any water color in them. I also saw white snow capped mountain ranged far away over the haze.
Mrs. Eriko expressly welcomed us at San Jose air port. Nice to see you! We drove to her home to take a short rest, then went to her husband's office. Mr. James Blade, president of Micromedia is one of the most successful entrepreneurs who established his business in Silicon Valley 30 years ago. He reminds there were only a few companies then in the wildness.
We are lucky to have a chance to take a look at of his office and have a briefing on his business. I remember we had once heard about the business. Mr. James invited a new technology of high speed communication system using ordinary phone line. He applied the technology to data processing using computers and micro film.
After leaving office, Mrs. Eriko kindly took us to a huge computer shop recently opened nearby. There is an old picture like this. Mr. David Packard and Bill Hewlett. They are good friends to Mr. James, they started their business in almost the same time and exchanged opinions and dreams over coffee in their offices. I got a flash memory for my digital camera at a reasonable price.

James and Eriko's live in a town house not so far from their office. In the garden is a big lemon tree that grows such big Texas lemons. Tonight, the Blade prepare us barbecue.

I am happy to help cook in the wonderful kitchen, slicing a big fillet of king salmon.

Jim sticks on using charcoal to grill real steaks. Mouth watering smoke rises from the grill.

The wonderful saloon in which many collections are decorated here and there. James loves travel and gathers various kinds of treasures all around the world. It is funny that James recommends to take pictures of his collection (specially a Chinese tree ornament made of gold and jades, and an old Italian table) to show them to my friends in Oita. Mr. James poses for a picture in front of his portrait. We laughed and enjoyed chatting late in the night.

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