July 3: Taking a rest

When I got out this morning, I found a trash box in front of each house. Yes, today is a trash day.
Jim's trash boxes. Top box is for plastics, middle for cans and bins, and the bottom for paper. They are all recycled. Other trash is wrapped in a transparent vinyl bag.
A big garbage collection car came and picked the trash up. Another car picked up each recyclable trash separately.
Next came a road sweeping car. Three workers jumped out of the car and cleaned the road quickly by gathering dust and fallen leaves.
In the afternoon, we went out for a walk. Just outside of residential area, we can see a vast wilderness like this. This is a part of UCI. They preserve this vast wild field as it is by encircling with the fence. There are a lot of thistles with violet flowers the size of 10 centimeters diameter. I wanted to watch them closer, but since I just wore a pair of sandals, I deterred to enter the bush fearing snakes or scorpions.
A rare bus service. There are some bus stops around the area but we seldom witness a bus. Car is a must for survival in this area.
Almost 40 minutes walk across the campus of UCI finally took us to a shopping corner. I felt relieved, anyway. The shelves of the super market were filled with food and all kinds of goods.
Beautiful flowers are everywhere in the community.
We relaxed in the evening by looking the video film of Yufuin Music Festival two years ago. It is hard to believe we are now in the USA and enjoying a sake party. We brought some sake bottles and cups for Jim. Those items were recovered from an old Japanese warehouse of my friend's when it was removed. Even green soybeans appear as a snack, and sake.....
Wow! A lot of sake bottles come out next by next from the cupboard, including Kitchom Shochu and, even "Kame-no-okina", or literally "Old turtle", a very expensive rare sake. I have never seen this "The gem of sake" in Japan. Tonight, we enjoyed "Hakushika", or "White deer", produced in Colorado.

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