June 30: University of California Irvine(UCI)

CUI is within a walk distance from Jim's home. A female student named "Y," who hopes to enter a community college called Saddle-back college, stays in Jim's home for the preparation. She is looking for an apartment and a car. She came to UCI today to get information.
Since UCI campus is quite big with open lawns and big trees, I am almost lost. About 80 % of the students come from Asia. I saw a lot of those students who are learning English for coming semester or undertaking Orientation. Most students, like Miss Y, stay in American homes to learn not only English but also way of living in the US. This is very good for mutual understanding.
An advertising tower in the campus. There are many advertising bills saying "Nice apartment for rent", "Best used car", and "Good part time job." Under those bills are tickets on which phone number is printed. Anybody interested in the ad can take off the ticket and make a call.
A nearby nursery. It looks just like a botanical garden with beautiful flowers. I found some kinds of flowers blooming in my garden in Oita, Japan. Most of them are much colorful and vivid under the crispy sunlight of southern California.
Beautiful hanging flowers. Their color of red and violet match very well against blue sky of California. I feel so sad that I can't get any of them as a traveler.
Next, we came up to Balbore Beach. A lot of people enjoy swimming or sunbathing. Old fantastic houses were everywhere on the beach, decorated with plentiful of flowers.
And tonight, we opened a pleasant spaghetti party with Jim's nearby friends, a family of UCI's teacher of geology. Jim has been preparing spaghetti for days and was very delicious. We laughed and chatted at the kitchen. This is an American way of home party. We take spaghetti and salad as much as we want.
I enjoyed pleasant chatting, drinking, and eating. This is really a nice home party. When I talked that we had visited St. Charles, the teacher's wife nodded and said her mother had once lived there. Jim also released his young days adventure of crossing the Atlantic Ocean by a small yacht. Though I couldn't fully understand the chatting, I still laughed and enjoyed the party.

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