June 26: Apache Trail

The inn we stayed in Payson is very comfortable. Since the altitude of the in is about 5,000 ft., the air is cool in morning and evening, yet the sunlight is strong. We dripped coffee in the room and enjoyed it on the lawn in front of the room. The lawn is watered by sprinklers around the garden. It requires much cost to keep the green.
Today, we checked out a little late this morning. As we drove down and down from cool Payson hill, vegetation soon changes to grow Sugaro cactus. We will go home through a winding road which runs along old "Apache Trail."
A beautiful lake called Roosevelt Lake. It is a strange scenery to see such a cobalt colored long lake in a rugged rocky mountains.
We arrived at a small oasis-village called Tolltila Flat(population 6) in the rugged desert valley through the unpaved mountain road and field. On the way, we saw many unusual cactus called like Century Plant or reading warning sign that says "Stay on trail, there dwells rattling snake or scorpion."
There is just one shop serving pub, souvenir shop, restaurant, and post office. I ate a big "Cowboy burger."
All walls in the shop are attached with numerous $1 bills. As I found some visiting cards among them, I also put mine between the bills. I hope someone may call our COARA.
A member of "population 6." Big guy with thick mustache and whiskers. He says anybody who can take picture with him will become happy. I bought a post card of the shop and we all wrote a few lines each, then sent it back to home from the "post office.".

After taking rest at an old gold mine, we entered Scottsdale about 3 p.m. The road was already crowded because of Friday afternoon, but we arrived home about 4 p.m. without any trouble. Thanks to Mr. Don and Mrs. Mayumi, we could enjoy a 730 mile drive for four days.

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