June 25: Flower collection on the way of driving.

There were much more flowers but I couldn't capture all of them.
A cactus flower. There is another scarlet flower on the same kind of cactus.
Actual color is brighter than this picture. Name is unknown.
The is a remnant of a flower blossom. At first, I couldn't believe my eyes. The remnant of a five-petal flower becomes like this. You may see some white flowers.
This strange grass is called "Mormon Cafe." Mormon said to have used the grass as a substitute of coffee. Probably Indians also used it for the same purpose.
A kind of cedar. We drove through the thick forest of the cedar. The difference between this kind and that of Japanese is this cedar has no straight trunk but branches grow directly from the ground.
Unknown yellow flower.
White flower of the tall bush.
Bright violet flower. Probably "Texas Blue Bonnet."
Weed grown at a open space in Grand Canyon. It shines silver, yellow, and light green.
A series of flowers on the slope of Walnut Grand Canyon's Indian Ruin:

The flower is called Banana Yucca. Most part of the flower looks like dry flower.

Fragile pink thistle.
Hop tree. Hop? Yes, Indian seems to have produced a kind beer from this plant.

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